At MAYO, we are experts in communication and medical and scientific content.

We provide support for the pharmaceutical industry in the development of marketing strategies, and we design continuous training projects, communications and publications alongside scientific societies and patient associations.

Who we are

Mayo is a Spanish-based company with its head offices in Barcelona and a branch office in Madrid. Its main activity is training for healthcare professionals and the creation of strategic scientific communications solutions for the pharmaceutical sector.

Over more than 35 years, Mayo has evolved from a publishing company based on the production of scientific journals - still relevant in the sector today - to a business focused on training and communication for patients, healthcare professionals and the general public.

The Mayo Group consists of Mayo and LEN May International.



Our company’s long history, in a more and more demanding environment, has led us to build up solid alliances and long-lasting partnerships with benchmark professionals, healthcare and educational institutions, and national and international scientific societies.


We want to contribute to improving people’s health and the well-being of our society, through communication and training for healthcare, which is our area of speciality. Hence Mayo’s motto: “Communicating health”


We our versatile and agile business model, we pour our passion for scientific communication into every new project and each new challenge.

Our team

Mayo has a multidisciplinary team that is committed and ambitious.
Scientific, technical and creative specialists combine their talent in our company.

A solid work process

The development of science communication projects for different targets, with the participation of several different professionals and speakers, and specialist institutions, requires a strong team and demonstrably solid work processes.

Think Tank

We advise you, and think with you

We listen to our customers to offer the best possible project for their strategic objectives. Our sales team works closely with scientific advisors, medical marketing experts and technical consultants... We also have direct contacts in the healthcare sector - people, societies and institutions - who offer us ideas and projects.

Project Planning

We define and plan your project

We offer a made-to-measure project with the Mayo seal of quality. We plan to adapt to our customers’ schedules and processes, and to stay ahead of any changes in the project.


Development and production

We guarantee quality in our production processes thanks to in-house development of our products and services. We offer reporting to our customers by applying their compliance and content validation processes. Sometimes things are not as they seem, so we adapt to changes in the project and react swiftly and smoothly...

Happy Ending

We only deliver quality

Mayo quality comes to the fore when we deliver the publication, course, meeting, conference… and we also offer the possibility of reaching further afield, as a large number of professional complete training with us and receive our publications.

Key projects


Series of high quality publications that review the career of leaders in international opinion in treatment areas. Only the very best deserve a Gold. Key titles:

Cardiology: J.D. Watson, Valentí Fuster, Hermanos Brugada (3 publicaciones)
Oncology: A. Poveda, A. Cervantes, A. Antón Torres, Joan Massagué (3 publicaciones)
Pneumology: Peter J. Barnes, Joaquín Sanchís (2 publicaciones)

The GOLD series received an ASPID Award in 2004. GOLD allows sponsorship.

ORL Salud y Bienestar - Responds to your needs

Benchmark ENT website for patients and healthcare professionals.

Information and training for healthcare professionals Bibliographical updates, accredited online training, expert webinars, interactive algorithms... A modern and dynamic proposal of content.

Practical information on ENT for patients
Educational videos, dissemination articles, advice, FAQs with answers from experts... And much more in the most attractive formats.

With the medical endorsement of AMiQ and the Functional ENT and Allergy Unit, Quirón Dexeus University Hospital. Sponsored by Reig Jofre

Oncology Forum on Thrombosis
6th Edition

Interdisciplinary Forum on the management of thrombosis in cancer patients.
- 400 students and 100 national and international speakers (among others: oncologists, haematologists, internal medical specialists and hospital pharmacists) in the 6 editions held.
- Parallel workshops, work groups, coffee with experts, and master classes using slides and multimedia dynamics.
- Two days of multidisciplinary training and exchange of experiences.
With the endorsement of the Scientific Societies: SEOM, SETH, SEHH, The SEACV ETV work group, and accredited by the Spanish National Health System. Sponsored by Laboratorios LEO.

Leaders in opinion on different specialities

ORL Salud y Bienestar
Website for patients and professionals

Oncology Forum on Thrombosis
6th Edition

Key figures

Key figures

Over 55.000 students registered for our online courses
20.500 pharmacies receive our journal El farmacéutico each month.
Over 3.420 downloads of PediAPP.
Over 12.000 authors have written for our publications.
Over 6.000 professionals read our online newsletters.
Each year, 2.500 professionals attend our events

Customers who trust in our experience

Our customers